You'll Love Our Cheese

Amazing Real Wisconsin Cheese. MMMMMM!

Our collection of delicious cheese has everything you need, whether you’re wanting a snack, trying something new or entertaining friends. Browse through our Cheese Market for Wisconsin Cheese that takes any dish or bite from good to great.

Imported From Wisconsin

From Wisconsin dairy farms to Wisconsin Cheese Market

Why buy our cheese? Our cheese is made by Wisconsin Master Cheesemakers, packaged and then shipped to you. The award winning Master Cheesemakers we buy our cheese from get their milk fresh from Wisconsin dairy farms then use their technical expertise and artistry to make the cheese you buy from Wisconsin Cheese Market. We search the entire state to bring you the variety of cheeses offered in our Market. You can be assured of the quality that you just can’t get just anywhere.

Our Market

About Our Market

This is where cheeseheads around the country can connect to buy only the best Wisconsin products. We take our time to examine and sample each of our products before we offer it to our customers. When we like it, then we know you will like it. Who would expect to find such a collection of products from where the grass is green in the middle of the desert, that’s the Wisconsin Cheese Market. We just had to expand our offerings to the whole world. Can’t find what you like, contact us

Market Hours & Location

Our unique market is located in the Mesa Market Place in Mesa Arizona. From about September 15 until May 15, our High Season, we’re open Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays 7am to 4pm. From about May 15 until June 15, Our Spring Season, we’re open Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays 7am to 3pm. From about June 15 until September 15, our Summer Season, we’re open Saturdays and Sundays 7am to 3pm. Of course our web site market is open 24/7.

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